Work with someone who knows your industry and your market. Kim Flum Consulting has expertise in financial/technology marketing for credit unions, ATM/bank technology makers, insurance providers and more.

Financial marketing is different. Understanding compliance issues and disclosure requirements, differentiating yourself from the competition, effectively communicating your values and giving your audience ample confidence in your organization—these are just a few of the many challenges of financial marketing. For an agency that doesn’t know the terrain, it can be a rocky road.


So, is it possible to create great marketing communications that deliver real results while complying with financial industry requirements? Yes!

Financial/Technology is an integrated marketing communications agency providing strategic marketing, creative advertising and digital media marketing services for financial and technology industries including banks and credit unions, insurance agencies and hardware/software technology providers.

We’re experts in integrated communications, digital media and agile/iterative marketing for financial/technology. Our agile/iterative marketing approach relies on executing quickly and efficiently, using multiple marketing analytics tools to measure effectiveness and refining the marketing based on the data gathered. In this way, we are able to continually build, measure and refine marketing communications programs to create our “virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.” Our virtuous cycle approach lowers costs, increases return on investment (ROI) and helps create the most effective marketing communications possible for our clients.